Planners Koncept  are experts in the planning and petroldesigning of the retail outlets & CNG stations. Our Expert team well aware with all the statuary laws applicable to Retail outlets on different types of roads assess the feasibility of the facilities and prepare the valuation report.

Planners Koncept offers tailor made solutions for its clients in:

Design & Engineering

  • Layout of Retail Outlet with Amenities
  • Design of Piping & Instrumentation Systems
  • Electrical & Pneumatic Systems
  • Automation
  • Buffer Strips Beautification
  • petrol
  • Civil Works (office, trenches, tank pits etc.)
  • Automation of retail outlets and CNG stations

Project Management Consultancy

  • All Civil Jobs & Infrastructure Projects
  • Co-ordination with all Contractors
  • Bills / Material Checking Services

Mechanical Jobs

  • Piping as per Design Code
  • Radiography
  • Instrumentation & Hooking-up

Electric Panel Design as per Customer’s demand with optional features like:

  • Standby Power Integration into Panel
  • Lightning Protection / Surge Protection
  • Earthing of All Equipments and Electronic gadgets.
  • Illumination Designed / Visual Display of operations
  • Digital Protection Relay for Extra Safety
  • Emergency Shut Down during Emergency
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