This includes preparation of feasibility studies for beautification of the existingout neglected open areas, road sides and the garbage disposal areas, road crossing along with the provision of various architectural elements, signage’s etc. In the cities neglected areas attract the encroachers and become place for garbage disposal they need to be properly planned to create an attraction and utility space.

Our urban designing & landscaping wing has undertaken many projects like beautifications of various important parks in Meerut, Jhansi, Kanpur, Lucknow and other cities all over India. The neglected & barren land has been converted into architectural beauties along with the mingling of nature.
Our Services includes:
  • Preparation of comprehensive Landscape Drawings
  • Preparation of detailed working drawings
  • Preparation of theme based concepts
  • Preparation of sculptures details
  • Preparation of details of water bodied and water fall

We provide services for:
  • Open lawns
  • Terraces
  • Interior Open Spaces
  • Parks & Waste Lands.
  • Development of Traffic Intersections and road sides
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